Suspect Your Transmission is Slipping? Don’t Put Off Getting it Checked Out

transmission car

If you think your car’s transmission may be slipping – time is of the essence. Driving with a slipping transmission means putting everyone in that car in danger every time you hit the road.

While there are no quick fixes for a slipping transmission, it is important to know that not all transmission slipping problems mean that a car’s transmission is shot. 

If your car has a manual transmission, a slipping transmission will be obvious. Signs include a grinding sound when you change gears, the inability to get the car into gear, or the car falling out of gear unexpectedly.

Signs of slipping in an automatic transmission include the inability to shift into reverse, struggling to change gears, or the failure to upshift at all. Other signs include (but are certainly not limited to) an increase in RPMs without a significant increase in speed, the “Check Engine” light coming on, or strange sounds or smells coming from the car while driving.

Although a slipping transmission always requires attention, it doesn’t always mean your transmission is beyond repair. In fact, there may be some much less expensive remedies. For example, it could be merely an issue with transmission fluid. Since transmissions are hydraulic systems, pressure is used from transmission fluid to shift gears. If the car is low on transmission fluid, this will cause gears to have trouble shifting. It could even lead to overheating. Therefore, it is essential to check your fluid levels regularly. If transmission fluid is low, it is critical that you get to the cause of the problem. Take a good look at the fluid, as well. If it is dark red or brown, you need to replace it.

Another possible issue could stem from the metal bands that connect the gears in the transmission. When one or more of these bands are worn out or broken, the gear attached to them will be difficult to engage. Signs of bad bands include the engine running high or overheating.

A slipping transmission is a scary – but common – problem. Unfortunately, it also can be difficult to diagnose. That is why it is vital to get the opinion of a quality mechanic experienced in transmission issues. And don’t delay. An easily remedied fluid problem can cause significant damage to the inside of your car’s transmission if not taken care of right away.