Transmission Repair Tips

When you ask random people around west Dallas what to do when the transmission is acting up, most say take it in for repair. Right away, at the first sign of issues with the transmission. 

You may be surprised to know at El Camino Transmission we take a slightly different take: it’s good to get your transmission inspected when you suspect something is wrong, but make sure the problem can’t be solved with an oil change or a transmission service first. We’ve curates some articles that will help you do some home inspections before talking to a shop. (though if you’re in the west Dallas area feel free to call us!) 


The first article on our list comes from a technical training company. It gives us some basic information about what a car’s transmission is and what it does. Getting everyone on the same page with terminology is the first step. 

Services that you DON’T need: Transmission Flushes

If there is something wrong with your transmission, make sure you’re taking care of the right problem. Many shops offer a service called a transmission flush as an upgrade to the standard changing of transmission fluid. We do transmission fluid changes all the time and haven’t run into issues with the flush services, but we agree with this shop that a standard fluid change is all that is necessary. 

5 Signs You Might Need A New Transmission

Of all the problems your car needs repaired, the transmission is one of the most expensive. This is why El Camino Transmission does such an extensive diagnostic before replacing. This article outlines a few of the indicators a new transmission may be required. 

Complete Transmission Repair Cost Guide 

This article has a lot of information about transmissions, repair costs, what kind of transmission your car has, and if your transmission is still under warranty. It’s great for familiarizing yourself with enough information to keep up with the recommendations from your mechanic. One of the few articles that suggests a common conclusion: sometimes it’s cheaper to replace the car. 

Does Car Insurance Cover Transmission? Everything You Need to Know

An article about one of the most common questions we get at El Camino Transmission: will insurance pay for this? In most cases the answer is no, but if it is covered you’ll want to demonstrate performing routine maintenance. 

El Camino Transmission is here to help with your transmission questions. If articles like these aren’t doing it for you, give us a call.